Piriformis Injections: A Treatment For Hip Pain With Quick Recovery

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Piriformis Injections Treatment

Do you suffer from chronic pain? If so, you may have heard of Piriformis Injections. This treatment can help alleviate pain in the buttocks and hip area. Here, we will discuss how Piriformis Injections work and what to expect after the procedure. We will also provide a few tips for recovering properly from your injection. If you are considering this treatment option, be sure to read on!

What Are Piriformis Injections?

Piriformis Injections are a type of nerve block. This means that they work by numbing the nerves in the buttocks and hip area. This can help to relieve pain in these areas. The injections are usually given as a series of three injections, spaced a few weeks apart.

What Are Piriformis Injections?

After your injection, you may feel some numbness and soreness in the injection site. This is normal and should resolve within a few days. You may also experience some bruising. Be sure to ice the injection site for 20 minutes several times a day to help with pain and swelling. You should avoid lying on your back or sitting for long periods of time immediately after the injection to prevent irritation.

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Contact Your Doctor:

If you experience any severe pain, swelling, or bruising, be sure to contact your doctor. These may be signs of a more serious problem and require further treatment.


Recovery from Piriformis Injections is usually pretty straightforward. Be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions for aftercare. Remember to ice the injection site and take it easy for a few days. If you experience any severe pain or swelling, contact your doctor right away. With proper care, you should be feeling better in no time!

Your Tampa Bay Pain Management Doctor

If you are considering Piriformis Injections to treat your chronic pain, be sure to speak with your Pain Management Doctor. They will be able to answer any questions you may have and help you decide if this treatment is right for you.

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